Justification Wars

Following on from the last article, I wonder if much of the tension would not be defused within the Reformed world if the Truly Reformed (TRs) understood that our justification by works does not mean our forgiveness by works. It may, but it probably will not.

My experience of Reformed web lists does not leave me optimistic. There is such a low level of basic English comprehension, and such an absense of exegesis, that I fear that nothing will change the perspective of perhaps the majority – unless their leaders take an enlightened view. In my judgement much of modern Reformed religion is Reformed Baptist, does wet dedications, and has a hyper-individualistic soteriology.

Many, if not most, are totally committed to the once-saved-always-saved heresy, to the extent that I do not believe that they actually believe in perseverance in faith and obedience. For them TULIP has become TULIO.

Thinking about it, since they do not accept the Dortian doctrine of persevering faith and obedience as defined by Dort, repentance is simply not urgent, because nothing can affect your justification by faith alone. Nothing.

That makes a justification by works for those who have been justified by faith alone into an abomination.


One thought on “Justification Wars

  1. A very valid point, very well made, we all need to appreciate the value of true repentance because without it we are all stuffed!

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