I am Roger du Barry, husband of Sylvia, and father to Rhys, Luke, James, Carl, and Matthew. They are 19; 16; 13; 7; and 4 years old respectively.  I believe in the God of the OT, and that the same God became flesh.  I believe that in the flesh this God has the same personality that he always had, and that he has not had a change of heart or mind for the “better”.  He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  I believe that he created the world in six days about four thousand years before Christ, and that the first eleven chapters of Genesis are historically accurate.  I believe in a talking serpent, an angel with a flaming sword, that men once lived to over nine hundred years, in a universal flood, and that Jonah was swallowed by a large fish. I believe that the acts of power ascribed to the Lord Jesus called miracles happened just as described, culminating in his bodily resurrection and his eternal physical immortality.

Once the historicity of the Bible is compromised, the authority of the Bible is broken, and there is no logical stopping point from there to complete atheism.  The entire history of the Bible hangs together in an integral whole with each event playing its part, so if you reject the six day creation there is no reason not to reject anything and everything else, because you have committed the sin of unbelief.  Picking and choosing what you will take and what you will reject in the Bible is plainly dishonest and sinful, not to mention exegetically incompetent.


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