The Truth Desert

Modern Westen man lives in a mental wasteland. The world is 4.5 billion years old, and all life evolved from the primeval rock that covered the cooling ancient earth.  TAKE A MOMENT TO LET THAT SINK IN.  We all descended from a rock!  Christianity is thus a proven fake because … WE COME FROM A ROCK! And we are supposed to be the stupid ones …

Then there is there is the new consensus on right and wrong.  It is right to endorse sexual permissiveness and perversion, which is criminal vice, not to forget feminism and anything else canonised by the Left, and leftists who think they are the Right.  It is wrong to speak up for the Ten Commandments, especially the primary commandments.  Evil is good and good is evil.

Christianity is allegedly wrong on the facts of the origins of life, geography, and biology.  It is homophobic, sexist, and probably racist too.  It is un-Progressive, backward, and only for naive and under-educated minorities.

Now for the factual facts, not the propaganda version.  There is not a single empirical piece of evidence in support of the evolutionary science-fiction confidence trick.  Not one single piece of real evidence.  The so-called Fossil record is not a record of evolution at all, because it does not support the theory.  No-one can demonstrate from a dry bone that it is the ancestor of another dry bone.  To do that there would have to be molecular and DNA evidence of relationship and ancestry.  Such evidence does not exist, anywhere, despite having had a hundred and fifty years to come up with just one piece of empirical proof.

Instead we are treated to artists’ fanciful impressions of alleged cavemen, (or should that be cave persons, Comrade Commissar?), animated graphics that morph a lobed fish into an amphibian, into a reptile, into a standing dinosaur, and finally into a bird.  It looks very, very, impressive, but what we are seeing is an animation of how it is thought to have happened, not evidence – not real, hard, scientific, evidence.

Dating methods are so unreliable that they should be treated with the utmost suspicion.  New lava rocks have their clocks reset to zero, but when they are sent for dating, they come back with ages varying from hundreds of thousands to millions of years old.  If they get it so wrong on rocks whose ages we know, how can we trust them with rocks whose origins are entirely unknown and unknowable?

The layers of fossils are supposed to prove the age of the earth, but there are hundreds of fossilised trees imbedded vertically, i.e. upright, across these layers.  How is that explained away?  It is just ignored, because the theory is sacred and may not be challenged.  The obvious explanation is that the layers and the trees were laid down at the same time.  No other explanation is remotely possible.

The dust bites the theory.

In short, evolution is an entirely unsupported fantasy.  The trouble is that is has become the unifying theory of absolutely everything.  Take modern social theory and practice.  PC is the ruling orthodoxy, and it may not be challenged at the risk of loss of reputation, even criminalisation.  It is based squarely upon the evo-fantasy.  PC is cultural Marxism, and the foundation of that evil system is atheistical evolution.

There are no voices in modern England in any level of authority that speak up for Christianity and the actual facts.  England is a truth desert.

The facts are that God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, created all things about six thousand years ago.  Adam was the first man, and we are all descended from him.  He brought sin, misery, and death into the world, and God destroyed the world by water in a global flood.  He began again with Noah and his sons, and we are all descended from him.  He chose and called Abram, and made him into a great nation in the land of promise.  Two thousand years ago God the Word became man for us and for our salvation.  He suffered and died for our sins, was buried, and rose immortal on the third day.  He ascended to the right hand of God where he sat down upon the throne of David, and with the Father, is waging war against his enemies until he returns in glory to judge the living and the dead.

How do we know all of this?  Because God has spoken to us through the prophets and the apostles, and finally through his Son, Jesus.  If God’s word is not good enough for you, then so be it.