The Revolutionary Bishops of the Church of England

The House of Bishops voted by 90% to approve women bishops, in the face of clear and unambiguous commands from the apostle Paul to the contrary.  They are Feminists first and foremost, and Feminism is gender Marxism, plain and simple.  Therefore the bishops are revolutionaries working to overthrow Christian teaching and replace it with Socialist, Liberal, dogma.

I am convinced that these men are atheists.  John A. T. Robinson, author of Honest to God back in the sixties, was an atheist, and he was a full member of the House of Bishops despite his godlessness.  His peers felt no discomfort with his views, and he was buried in a church with full honours.

Was he alone?  If men are judged by their actions, and the actions of the bishops are Feminist Marxist, is it a step too far to conclude that they are Marxists in their views about God as well?  Their open rebellion against clear instructions from God through the apostle to the Gentiles certainly points in that direction.


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