Who is mentally ill?

The apostle Paul, carried by the Holy Spirit, said, I do not permit a woman to speak in church, or have authority over a man.  Karl Marx and Freddy Engels said that was gender war, and oppression of women, and Paul was mentally ill anyway since God does not exist, as Darwin proved.  The CoE and TEC agree with Marx about Paul, they agree with Marx about women and gender war, and insist that the Holy Spirit is telling them this.

Who is mentally ill?

Justin Welby voted with the goats, so do not look to him to bring godly leadership to Anglicanism.  He is just another neo-Marxist liberal, and his tenure will be as bad, if not worse, than the present dandelion-headed loser.

These people have been pushing the Marxist gender wars line for decades now, and people seem to be utterly oblivious of it.  Why are conservatives so blind to the obvious?  This is a real puzzle.


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