The 1549 and the Spikey Lie

The Spikeys all trace their descent from Cranmer’s 1549 BCP, regardless of the version of liturgy they use now.  Why is that?  It is because it is patient of a Romanising/Spikeyist reading.

Here are the facts about the 1549.  Cranmer’s stated intention was to write a fully Reformed liturgy, and the 1549 was it.  However, there was a Papist bishop by the name of Gardiner who claimed that he could use the book because he could read his theology into it. Therefore the facts are that the 1549 is a Reformed liturgy, and that a way was found to deliberately pervert it away from its stated intention.  To make it plainer, the BCP so beloved of the Spikeys has to be deliberately twisted to make it fit their preferred theology.  In other words more to the point, their entire Spikey BCP tradition is based upon a deliberate lie.

The 1552 BCP was issued precisely to remove the deliberate perversion of Cranmer’s 1549 BCP, and to make it as Reformed as he could.  The 1662 BCP is the 1552 version with minor tinkering in a Puritan direction.

So then, the Spikey tradition is a centuries long fiction based upon a deliberate fib.  The 1662 BCP is the real deal, and it is true Anglicanism.  What the Spikeys call Anglicanism is a fantasy.


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