Perverting to Rome

The Rev. Edward Malcolm made these excellent observations in response to Poping the Bible, so I thought it deserved its own post. Here it i:

Hi Roger

There is another aspect to these sorts of cases, where ‘good’ men pervert to Rome, and that is the role of liberalism. Men who themselves think they have no truck with liberal theology nevertheless can find themselves imbibing elements of liberal teaching. Authorship of certain books is denied, thereby relegating them to the status of pious forgeries, The authenticity of words, verses, chapters and whole books is questioned, and as a result some become afraid to refer to them with any authority. Then there is that pernicious aspect which denies inspiration, so that even the acceptable passages are only the thoughts of humans, rather than divinely-directed expressions of eternal truth.

The overall effect is to remove a person’s confidence in Scripture, with the result that preaching becomes uncertain and weak, and the bedrock of the Christian faith is made to move and tremble.

The irony is that the Church of Rome, by imposing its own twisted interpretation on Scripture, does almost exactly the same thing. The only difference is that the faithful son of the Church has merely to trust the Pope and his bishops to have got it right, and he takes no responsibility for the consequences!



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