There is no king in England

We have been celebrating the enthronement of King Jesus upon David’s throne in the Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost season.  The High King is upon his throne at the right hand of Power.

However, looking around at the appalling state of the church in this realm of England, it seems to me that our problem is that there is no king upon the throne of Alfred the Great.  We need a king with power to impose the established religion again, the way that Henry VIII did, that Elizabeth did, that William of Orange did.

We need a man on the throne with power to depose the present heretic Rowan Williams and all his fellow travellers, and to impose true worship and doctrine again by the proper enforcement of the law.  The free churches are in a trough, and need sorting.

I see that we need a single book of prayers and ceremonies, the BCP 1662 in modern English, with no leeway to change anything.  The Free Churches can be allowed a different form, but only if it conforms to the Directory of Worship.  Pastors and priests must be prosecutable once more for for heresy.  Schools and Universities must have their curriculums overhauled to conform to the Protestant Religion.  Those who refuse to conform must be thrown out of their posts and fined.

We need a thorough cleaning out of the stables.

I am, of course, advocating a restriction in the scope of freedom of religion, so that it is no longer used to overthrow our religion.  I am advocating a rewrite of our national laws.  We need to sever our relations with extra-territorial foreign powers who have been granted authority to rule us, or it will never happen. We need a restriction of our democracy, because otherwise we will never see Reformation again.

What we need is a real king in England.


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