Hooker’s appeal to the Puritans

The best and safest way for you therefore, my dear brethren,

is, to call your deeds past to a new reckoning, to reexamine the cause ye have taken in

hand, and to try it even point by point, argument by argument, with all the diligent

exactness ye can;

to lay aside the gall of that bitterness wherein your minds have

hitherto over-abounded, and with meekness to search the truth.

Think ye are men, deem it not impossible for you to err; sift unpartially your own

hearts, whether it be force of reason or vehemency of affection, which hath bred and

still doth feed these opinions in you. If truth do any where manifest itself, seek not to

smother it with glosing delusions, acknowledge the greatness thereof, and think it

your best victory when the same doth prevail over you.


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