Anglicans in England

I heard via the grapevine that the new honcho at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, encountered much opposition from the faculty when he proposed a module on the 39 Articles.  Apparently they had not had so much as a mention in years.

This suggests to me that conservative Anglicans are not conservative.  At the very least they are not proper Anglicans if they disrespect their own teaching.

I hear that the Anglican Mission in England has been launched.  It is meant for orthodox members of the CoE.  What does orthodoxy mean today?  Is it orthodoxy proper, or orthodoxy according to some other criteria?  Are there any groups here in England who actually believe the 39 Articles in practice, not just in theory or on paper?

If you belong to such a group, please drop me a line.


2 thoughts on “Anglicans in England

  1. I don’t know via which grapevine you heard this, but it was slightly garbled. Tyndale House is in Cambridge, not Oxford, and is a non-denominational evangelical Biblical studies centre, so there wouldn’t be any modules on the Thirty-Nine Articles there. Do you mean Wycliffe Hall in Oxford? I don’t know what has been going on there. I am an ordinand at Ridley Hall, and this past year one of the students and a member of staff ran a Thirty-Nine Articles discussion group which was reasonably well attended and generally positively received. It is being followed up this year with a discussion group on the Prayer Book.

    I believe Ben Merkle came a couple of years ago to take some services in Farnham. You may remember Brooke Wilson, who accompanied them. We have been married for two years.

    I have just been re-reading your articles in the Church of England (Continuing) journal on baptism to which a friend introduced me several years ago. Looking back, it was probably more influential in my thinking than I at first realized. I recall your name now from comments on Federal Vision weblogs, which I only started discovering a year later. I didn’t join the dots at the time.

    I agree with your observation about conservative Anglicans and your reservations about the Anglican Mission in England. I do not know about any groups who match your description. I am one such individual who believes the Thirty-Nine Articles in practice, and I know of at least one other.

    Warmest regards,


  2. Thanks for the correction. The garbling probably came from my faulty recollection of the conversation. Congratulations on your marriage, I remember Ben’s visit very well, and your lovely wife.

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