Jeff Meyers Exonerated

Jeff Meyers has been exonerated by the Missouri Presbytery. This is very bad news for those men who have a bigoted and unreasonable hatred of anything and anyone connected to the so-called FV. I choose my words carefully, because it is my view that there are many men who are incapable of reading the MOP Report in a fair way because of their strong emotions. Reading the responses to the MOP on Wes White’s blog, it is clear to me that they are really not going to give a fair hearing to anything that does not agree with their entrenched and limited views, no matter how reasonable.

I am impressed by the theological maturity demonstrated by the MOP, and their thorough treatment of the issues. There is a high standard of theological discourse demonstrated, and a high level of emotional maturity. They are an example to the Reformed churches.

Andy Webb says that the report left his head spinning. He represents the kind of opponent that I am speaking of. Mister Webb has a problem with the FV view of the sacraments, which is simply that of the Reformation. He openly admits that he disagrees with the Reformers here. That can only mean that he disagrees with the WCF on the sacraments, because it has the same teaching. When challenged to openly say so, he resorts to wriggling out of his own unconformity to the WCF by restating himself in words that obscure his difficulty.

Here is the rub: he one of the men going after Jeff Meyers for non-conformity to the WCF! Having spoken with some of the others in his group, it is clear that most, if not all, of them share his non-confessional view on the central issue of the sacraments, which are at the centre of the system of doctrine contained n the WCF, which they have sworn on oath to uphold.

I have spoken privately to him, exhorted him privately, and finally written to the Clerk of his presbytery, pointing out the hypocrisy of his actions. The said Clerk told me to mind my own business.

I want to make it clear that I have respected that decision. I did not challenge it or take it further – not that it is possible to do so since I am not within the PCA. I am content, because that decision is not mine to take, and my conscience is clear.


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