New Anglican Province and repentance

A new Anglican Province in North America came into being last week, consisting of various types and sizes of Anglicans who have a common objection to the ordination of homosexual priests and bishops.  

Listening to the inaugural sermon of the new body preached by Archbishop Duncan at Virtueonline, I was heartened to hear him insisting that we need to repent.  That is good theology, isn’t it?  

Those who identify with the English Reformation and its theology and practice must have a positive initial response to this development.

On the other hand the new Province ordains women, and has mechanisms in place safe-guarding it, but no mechanism for removing it, according to Robin Jordan.

What strikes me is that there is even a discussion about WO, and that a church that has removed itself from an apostate body would continue the practice.  It is so clearly forbidden in scripture that there is no doubt about the scriptural and biblical position.  Therefore, to ordain women, to allow them to preach to men and have authority over them, is a blatant and deliberate sin.  Repent indeed!

What repentance is this that obeys one clear command and deliberately disobeys another?  Is it serving the Lord with half a heart?  Giving with one hand and taking with the other?

The believing church is broken and weak because of sin.  Unless the Lord grants us collectively true repentance the downgrade will continue.


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