How to do theology from Genesis

James Ussher’s A body of Divinity has excellent examples of how to unite biblical history with theology, or, teaching.  He notes that the plants were created before the sun, moon, and stars, and concludes from this that God is not bound to means, and the sun and moon are not essential to life on this planet.

That helped me to better understand the teaching in the Revelation that in the New Jerusalem in the new earth there is no sun, because the glory of God present here on earth makes it redundant.  We see here a perfect tie in between the beginning of the present age and its end.

It also solved the problem of the distance of the stars from the earth:  if they are thousands of light years from the earth – many more than the six thousand of the age of the earth – how is that we can see their light?  Their light should not be visible to us, being still in transit, as it were.

Ussher says that God took the existing light and concentrated them into the sun, moon, and stars.  Working from that I conclude that the light that is now in the stars was present on earth at the beginning, was then removed to the heavenly bodies, and must therefore have been visible at all times from the earth.

No problem.


3 thoughts on “How to do theology from Genesis

  1. Again this exposes one of the fundamental conceits of human reasoning; any observation we can make, filtered through human reasoning, must be correct. So, if it takes millions of years for light to travel across the universe it follows that the universe must be at least that old. What is never considered is the possibility of outside factors, of other phenomena, such as the will of the Divine Creator, who, as you say, is not bound to means. And many who profess faith in God doubt that he can do such a thing. Which only shows that the God many worship is smaller, weaker and much less than the omnipotent God of the Bible.

  2. The scientific method as it is applied today requires the so-called scientist/observer to disregard divine action, because it demands that a natural cause be found.

  3. The Bible also seems to establish that the sun is unique from the stars. This pretty much destroys all scientific “knowledge” that we have of the stars because we base all of our information off of the assumption that the sun is just another star. Astronomy 1101 class was basically %100 rubbish!

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