Six day Creation is orthodox

Any other explanation of creation is heretical.  The plain reason is that the Bible itself knows no other version, acknowledges no other version, and bases its entire theology and history upon it.  Without an historical six day creation the rest of the Bible falls, having been deprived of its reason to exist.

All of the teaching of the Bible is based upon its own version of history, and apart from that history its teaching is meaningless.  Thus we see the closest link between sacred history and sacred theology.  One cannot exist without the other.  Nothing could be simpler.


3 thoughts on “Six day Creation is orthodox

  1. well it clearly is a fable that doesn’t correspond with reality, so get rid of it then. although millions of people disagree with you, i’m sure YOU possess the truth.

  2. It is not clear to me that it is a fable. By the way, condescension and sarcasm do not usually win people over. A reasoned biblical argument might.

  3. One of the points I make frequently in sermons is that if the first 3 chapters of Genesis are not history, at what point does history begin? With the Flood? With Abraham? With the exodus? The Bible stands or falls as a unit; if any part of it can be proven to be untrue, or not what it purports to be, then the whole of it must be discarded, because to retain it would mean to place ourselves under the authority of a capricious tyrant; we would be unsure from one page to the next whether we were meant to believe it or not. And that would defeat the very purpose for the Bible’s existence.

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