Evangelicals are Liberals

It has taken me a while to realize that the evangelical churches that I have been associated with in the past are in fact liberal.  That is not to say that they believe themselves to be liberal, but that they are so in word and deed.

One of the reasons it took so long for me to find out was that my first Pastor was not a feminist or an egalitarian, so from my worms-eye-view the denomination looked rosy.

That church is now openly committed to the whole soft left agenda.  Women preach to men in church,and those who oppose it are ignored or slandered.  Arminianism is rampant, and those who preach the Protestant doctrines are called in by senior clergy and ordered, yes ordered, to cease and desist.

Those who speak out are viciously slandered and their careers destroyed.  All of this is standard practice for the liberal left, the same people who see themselves as the standard bearers of fairness and truth.

The sad fact is that this is a denomination that once stood fearlessly for the truth of the Gospel at great cost.


2 thoughts on “Evangelicals are Liberals

  1. GAFCON has released its declaration. It is true that a commentary on that declaration has yet to be published, which is supposed to put flesh on the bare bones, but given what you say in this post, is it likely that there will be either real substance, or that those who have made this declaration will stand by it for long?
    I know one ought not to prejudge, and these men have made a stand that appears to be plain and biblical. However, it seems there is good reason to not hold our breath for anything substantial. I wonder if anyone else has more information?

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