The New Stone Table

When liberals say they are not interested in doctrine, but in what touches people’s lives, they want you to think that they are very practical people, in opposition to pie-in-the-sky doctrinalists.  

Have you noticed that the ethical laws that they teach people to observe do not include the Ten Commandments at all?  What you get is soft liberal left political correctness, time after time.

I bet that if you asked any of these men (and women!) to recite the Ten Commandments they will fail after getting two, maybe three out of ten.

They know neither the Gospel nor the law of God.

For example, scripture explicitly forbids women to speak in church or to have authority over men.  The gymnastics that are required to make these passages disappear are spectacular.  Why?  Modern Western society, meaning the left-wing opinion formers, are feminists who refuse to accept the biblical teaching on gender.  And so the commandments of God are overthrown in favour of their self-chosen tradition.

The list could go on over several pages, but this is supposed to be just a sound-bite.



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